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Product Review: The Freya Rosie Soft Cup by

Hello Ladies,

After a long day of selling bras, I’m ready, albeit ironically, to slip out of mine and into something less binding.  Relaxing on my couch in the privacy of my domicile requires less lift, shaping, and support than moving around my shop all day, and I usually turn to camisoles with a built-in shelf bra which functions like a giant rubber band—squishing the girls together with a modicum of hold.  Lately, I have tired of this unflattering style and wanted to try a wireless bra instead.  A lovely customer of mine ordered a Freya Rosie several weeks ago in the hot new fuchsia color, and I knew this was the bra I wanted to test:

Sizing & Fit:  My standard Freya size is a 30H, which is what I ordered in the Rosie.  Because there is no underwire to separate and anchor the breasts, I knew the fit was not going to be as perfect or secure as what I expect in my everyday bras.  Having said that, the band feels fairly firm on the loosest set of hooks, and I don’t have any spillage at the top of the cup.  When I bend over, my breast tissue stays contained in the cups even though the gore comes nowhere near proper tacking due to the excess boobage in the middle.  If I press backward with my fingers to simulate an underwire gore and thus separate my breasts, the bra compresses my tissue, causing it to migrate upwards:

When I stand still, the cup seems to have wrinkling, but I suspect this is caused by the top layer of mesh not laying flatly on the bottom layer of fabric as I’ve seen the same issues on the Freya models.  Overall, I don’t think a smaller or larger cup size would have worked any better for me.  My breast tissue is heavy, and the lack of a wire makes it difficult to find the right fit for my body.  Nevertheless, my intentions in purchasing this bra were not for great lift or to replace my everyday bras but instead to have something comfortable and supportive to wear each evening for a couple hours.  For this purpose, I am extremely pleased with the size and fit.

Materials & Design:  Freya is one of my favorite bra companies in part because of their amazing materials, and the Rosie remains true to form.  The fabric on the interior of the cup is soft and has a Ferran Ice application to wick moisture away from the body.  Not to mention, the gorgeous fuchsia color is flattering and contrasts well with the black mesh overlay.  The black and white polka dot bows are super cute and are the perfect thoughtful and playful finishing touch to the design.  Finally, I appreciate that the wings are made from a thicker, sturdier fabric for added side support and comfort.

Comfort & Lift:  As I mentioned, my reason for buying the Rosie was because I need a supportive bra to wear before bed and on weekends; consequently, I was most interested in whether the style was comfortable, which it is.  I feel much better than when I wear the shelf bras, and the lift is far better than I expected.  Granted, I’m not as “up there” as I am with my normal wired bras, but the Rosie would make an excellent option for women who prefer (for personal or medical reasons) not to wear underwire.  The silhouette is pointier than some women prefer—a side effect of the multiple seams and heavier construction which ensures the style supports a heavy bust—but not pointy enough to draw comparisons to a certain pop star.

A Sports Bra Alternative?  Over the weekend, I wore the bra on my cleaning day, and when I break out the sponges, mop, and bucket, I turn the activity into a cardio event.  Not only did the fabric wick away moisture as promised, but I received support comparable to a mid-impact level sports bra.  While I wouldn’t recommend this bra for jogging or tennis, I feel like the support it gives would work for walking or yoga.  Plus, it’s pretty too!

Overall Grade:  B+

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