How to wash your Sports Bra

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How To Care For Your Sports Bra

Let’s face it, a good sports bra is usually not cheap. Taking a few minutes to properly wash and dry your sports bra can make a huge difference to how often you need to replace it. 

I’ve put together a few tips to help with things like how to wash a sports bra correctly, so you get the most out of yours! 

Take it off after you workout 

If you’ve done one of my HIIT sessions, you’ve probably worked up a bit of a sweat! That also means you should take off your sweaty bra ASAP. Not only is it better for your skin to take off sweat-drenched clothes straight away, but it’s better for the clothes too. Sweat and bacteria that accumulates during your workout can actually cause the fabrics to break down. 

Before you wash

Depending on the type of sports bra you wear, you should take a moment to do up any clasps or fastenings before you pop the bra in the wash. That way they won’t snag on anything else in the wash. If you have a lingerie bag for washing your delicates, you can pop your sports bra in that too!

Washing sports bras 

Whether you hand wash or machine wash is totally up to you. If you choose to machine wash, make sure you select the delicate cycle. As a general rule of thumb, follow the directions on the label and steer clear of fabric softener. 

Drying sports bras 

After washing, reshape your bra and hang it to air dry. Don’t put it in the dryer! The best ways to hang your bra are by the gusset (the fabric between the underwire, or in between the cups if there is no underwire) or by laying it flat. That way the band won’t be stretched out as it dries. 

When to replace a sports bra 

The correct fit is everything in a sports bra or crop. Here are a few signs you need to replace yours:

  • The tags are faded and no longer readable
  • The band is stretched and no longer fits snugly
  • You’re noticing more movement in the bra when you workout
  • It’s pilling (getting balls) or looking worn in particular spots
  • If you’ve lost weight and the bra is no longer fitting you correctly
  • The bra rides up when you raise your arms. 

Depending on how often it gets worn, you may need to replace a sports bra every 6-12 months. 

Your crop tops and sports bras protect your breasts when you work out, so it’s a really good idea to take care of them. I hope these tips help you!


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