Full Bust Lingerie Trends Autumn/Winter 2017: The Intimate Apparel Industry Returns to Its Strengths

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Today’s guest post is by Sweets of Sweet Nothings NYC. Sweets has been blogging about bras, baking and body image for the last five years. She lives in NYC, works at a law firm, and would like one day to solve an English country house weekend murder mystery. Do not ask her about her cats; she will show you too many pictures.

Over the last few years I’ve made a point of trying to assess how (or if) lingerie brands who showcase at Curve were coping with the uncertain economy. The answers ranged from “Not well” to “Okay, I guess?”

Several seasons in a row I left the shows feeling like, while I’d seen some standout individual pieces, there was a tangible undercurrent of panic across the show. This panic manifested a few different, but clearly recognizable ways:

  • Approach 1: We will only make what will sell,” which led to brands that never made beige t-shirt bras before trying to wow me with their beige t-shirt bras, or brands that did have a great t-shirt bra (like the Freya Deco) leaning into that collection with all their might – alienating the customer like me who doesn’t actually like t-shirt bras
  • Approach 2: Play it safe,” which led to seasons full of recolors of older styles, simplified matching accessories, and hewing too closely to trend reports and safe color palettes (see: the great blue-black tidal wave of AW15 that epitomized way-too-much-of-a-good-thing)
  • Approach 3: Throw everything at the wall and see what will stick,” which led to collections that weren’t cohesive, jarring tonal swerves, half-hearted forays into already-tired trends, cuts that didn’t fit properly in all sizes, and styles that were easily mistaken for competitors’.

See the full blog post at http://www.thelingerieaddict.com/2017/04/full-bust-lingerie-trends-for-autumnwinter-2017-the-intimate-apparel-industry-returns-to-its-strengths.html

Elomi Bijou flirt

Elomi Nicole

Freya Rebel Rebel

Fantasie Erica


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