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Need a new Sports Bra ??? have you seen investinyourchest review of the Freya soft cup sports bra?




The Freya Active sports bra fits much more like a traditional sports bra than its counterpart the underwired version. I found the fit to be much the same, the cups are true to size, fitting me much like any other Freya bra, and thankfully this one I did get in my usual 28FF and I enjoyed the fit much more than the 30F in my Freya Active underwired sports bra.
Whilst the fit was spot on with this bra, I’m not sure I preferred it to its sister bra, however it is a fantastic option for someone who wants to avoid an underwire whilst exercising. I’ve worn this bra to the gym, cycling, boxing and running, and even though my boobs aren’t so compressed and held down like in the Shock Absorber level 4, I never felt an uncomfortable bounce and couldn’t have asked for a better support.

The Freya Active fits snugly and securely without pressing down on the breast tissue and the cut and panels creates lift and separation, with cleverly constructed cups which hardly need an underwire. The shape is nice if not a little pointy, however it is nice to have two boobs which isn’t all that common in a sports bra. The comfort factor is top notch.

One person in particular who enjoys this bra is my mother, who acquired one for the Samaritans Fun Run which she helped organise for the charity (go Mum!). She was a recent convert to the world of the correctly fitting bra at the time; unaware of it’s power she was really dreading running for a few miles – and not because of her acute asthma.

She has what can only be described as ‘pretty large breasts’ and generally wears a 36FF or 34G (after a bit of persuasion). She has the Freya Active soft cup bra in a 38F and she really enjoys the fit. She doesn’t do much sport but I’ve caught her wearing the Freya Active around the house many a time and refers to it as her ‘housework’ bra. This made me think – sports bras needn’t be limited to a trip to the gym and can be useful to keep handy for any kind of activity which might involve a bit more movement than the average. She’s now a huge Fantasie fan and wishes she’d gotten fitted decades ago!

With very little movement and a smile on her face she completed the run and hasn’t looked back to her 40D’s since.

The Freya Active soft cup is, for me, a near-perfect level of support. Personally I still ever so slightly prefer the underwired version.

Attractiveness: 8/10

Fit: 9/10

Comfort: 9/10

Styling: 8/10

Support: 9/10

Shape: 6/10

Price vs. Quality: 8/10

Re-purchasability: 8/10

Invest In Your Chest Rating: 8.5/10

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