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The Deco Flamingo reviewed (28G), and notes on moving up a cup size.

So this is a 28G, not my usual size of 28FF, or 28F that I’d get in a deco, I’ve finally accepted the fact that I need to buy a cupsize or two bigger. It took me a while to do this, my 28FFs have probably been edging on the small side for about 6 weeks now, because I had the feeling I can’t be a a G cup (maybe some letterphobia), and I don’t want to have to renew my hard-worked bra collection either, my bras are my babies.

So what were the signs? 1. Straps. If you find yourself loosening them more than usual to make the bra fit better, the cups might be too small. 2. Quadboob. There’s a fine line between cleavage and quadboob sometimes, you have to learn where that is for you. I had been wearing half cups too, which doesn’t quadboob as obviously but gives a squashed boob effect from the side. 3. The band feels tighter than normal. Too small cups can make the whole bra feel too tight, check the cups before going up a band size. 4. Constant readjustment. Keep having to tuck your boobs back into your bra? Go up a cup size.

Ofcourse these symptoms can mean band issues or style discrepancies too, and there are other signs of a too small cup but these are the easiest to spot for me.

Anyway, back on topic!

I have been lusting over the flamingo deco since I first caught a glimpse of it in a deco advert… maybe sometime in Jan/Feb. I have had a love/hate relationship with the deco, but it seems my go-to bra when I want a boob-pick me up, and in the correct size, it looks awesome on me.

First impressions when opening it; OMG that print is gorgeous, and OMG that bra is huge that will never fit (I had laboured a long time on whether to order the FF or G)! Turns out, it’s a great fit and the G was the better choice, I’m absolutely in love with it. 

Typical deco with the roundy round shape, and cleavage, I think this is the same style as the deco honey, but with plain straps.

One big plus point; the band. I’m wearing it on the loosest hook and it’s fine for me, it’s  closer to a true 28 than it’s deco predecessors.

My only criticism is the side wings are a bit high for me, I have this problem with a lot of bras so it’s not specifically an issue with this one. It’s wearable just a little irritating at first.

Measurements are here

So to conclude, I love this bra, and my love for the deco is rekindled for the time being. If you’re already a deco lover, buy this or regret not having a flamingo print bra forever, if the deco is not for you, or you’re sized out of their sadly small deco range, then  hopefully Freya will expand it soon!

I’m looking forward to more bold unusual prints in the next few seasons, I’m not a girly/feminine/pretty kind of bra lover, quirky and unusual colours and prints are my kind of thing, you can bet I’ll be reviewing the Patsy longline in the next few weeks!



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