The Freya Secret Garden..hit or miss?

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 The Freya Secret Garden..hit or miss?

One blogger wasn't too sure from the pictures online, but soon changed their mind when they tried it.

"It’s a gorgeous, fresh set with cute teal-greens mixed unusually with white and pale browns. The print is a beautiful graphic floral contrasted with a pop of polka dot – a combination that I wasn’t drawn to on the website, but the more I grow accustomed to it, the more I love it. It’s certainly an unusual combo, but one that definitely works. Who wants to expect the expected, after all?

I wore this set down to the beach today, and whilst changing between outfits for this quick outfit post, I was just whipping my clothes off int0 this, and my companion asked me ‘where I got my bikini from’. It’s definitely got a ‘bikini’ feel to it, and even the fabric is reminiscent of swimwear. Even so, it feels luxuriously soft and silky, and washes beautifully.

One thing that makes this set unique – other than the eccentric mix of prints – is the pretty ‘underband skirt’ which looks really lovely on. Unfortunately it’s not the most practical addition as throughout the day it certainly rolls up at the front which looks a bit odd – but thankfully completely undetectable under clothing."

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