have you tried the NEW Freya Marvel Side Panel Bra ??????

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Miss Underpinnings have reviewed the NEW Freya Marvel





Even if the Marvel was uncomfortable to wear (it's not) or a poor fit (again, it's not), this bra represents a giant step forward for the brand who has been timid -- if not terrified! -- of stepping outside their technical safe space. Freya delayed the release of it's first soft halfcup multiple times and seemed oddly hesitant to discuss it in any depth. This once game-changing company has clung to it's successes lately, stubbornly committed to mining every profit from their bestsellers rather than exploring new territory. The Marvel is a break from that pattern which offers longtime Freya fans a glimmer of hope that the company's confidence is slowly returning. If the Marvel is any indication, I can't wait for what surprises    the brand has in store for us.

Freya's cautiously planned two colorways for the Marvel's debut, the black with purple trim and a beige version which are both out now. The beige was originally a deep caramel which eventually morphed into an ecru and finally was stripped of it's polka dots. It makes for a slightly uneven choice and I preferred the darker tan, but Freya received feedback that the most basic option would sell the best. However, if you have a hankering for something bolder, there's a white and light turquoise Marvelscheduled for March.

I'm impervious to the irregularly placed bubble-like polka dot pattern, but the Marvel has a lot of design potential: color blocking, any number of novelty prints, and I'm not-so-secretly holding out on a Marvel with the scalloped details of the Cupcake line from Huit.

The Marvel runs true to size and my usual 28G fit well. The band was firmer than I was expecting from Freya, but it opened up nicely since the first wear. If you're sensitive to the shape or profile a bra provides, rest assured -- the cups provide a rounded and minimized look from the sides. The bra is also marvelously (I couldn't resist!) comfortable, even after a day of sitting on my bum blogging/Netflix bingeing/online window shopping. While the cups' material is sturdier than I usually go for, I loved the combination of comfort and coverage it gave me (less peek-a-boo nipples).

When I wrote about Freya in the Autumn, the technical aspects of their products came up and I received comments with varied requests that the brand change it's wires. I disagreed; the shorter and narrower wires that Freya currently uses suit me well. I also like the depth of the cups, especially on the bras with stretchy material through the top cup. In this respect, the Marvel changes everything: the wires are wider, the cups are shallower, and the center gore has been lengthened. These modifications ensure that Freya catches a new demographic of women who couldn't wear their products in the past. If you have breasts with a wider root, less firm tissue, or are further apart, Freya's Marvel has been engineered with you in mind. :)

Although it isn't the ideal shape for me, the Marvel is comfortable, dependable, and a good fit. I'm also glad to see Freya branch out and design for a different type of bust. The brand has been criticized in the past for the silhouette their bras give so the rounded profile is an added bonus. And for a full bust bra, the Marvel's suggested retail price is a modest $60...but I'm a picky lingerie customer. Since the Marvel is only a good fit (not a great one) on my bust and I'm indifferent to the bubble dots, I'm unlikely to buy another. However, if the design became more interesting, I'd sacrifice my high fit standards in a hot second. Unusual colors? Eye catching prints? Big scalloped details? Then we'd be in business, Frey Frey!

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