Elomi Sachi Plunge Bra - Black Butterfly

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The Elomi Sachi Plunge Bra in Black at Bras Galore Embroidered Monarch butterflies alight in a mix of copper and metallic bronze shades. Black Butterfly draws inspiration from the butterfly shape created by the strappy detailing of the original Sachi bra. A new full brief includes panels of embroidered butterflies, while a new strappy Thong completes the range.

Blogger sweetnothingsnyc reviews the elomi Sachi and she loves it! 'Sachi is an absolute knockout: I love it I love I love it, I can’t wait for more colors, everyone who can should definitely try it'

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The color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result it creates an air of mystery. It's protection and comfort. 


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